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   Scientific Breakthrough in Skin Treatment.

Repcillin Crocodile OilAlligators often engage in violent fights over territories and mates, and scientists were puzzled over why their wounds rarely got infected. Taking into account the reptiles have such slow metabolisms, why do they heal so well?
Researchers found that the secret lies in the reptiles' DNA. Alligators and Crocodiles have strong Peptides that give them the ability to heal without using their antibodies from their immune system.

An article published in National Geographic April 2008 it was explained that scientists created human and alligator serum (protein-rich blood plasma that has had clotting agents removed) and exposed each of them to 23 strains of bacteria.  Human serum destroyed only 8 of the 23 bacterial strains. But the alligator serum killed all 23, including drug-resistant bacteria such as MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).
In the National Geographic article the author stated that the study team though that pills and creams containing alligator or crocodile peptides would be available at local pharmacies within seven to ten years. Such products would be a boon to patients that need extra help preventing infections, such as diabetes patients with foot ulcers, burn victims, and people suffering from auto-immune diseases.
What the scientists didn't know is that John Sweet from South Africa had already started working on a skin balm made from the rendered fat of the Nile Crocodile. The product had launched in South Africa in 2005 and has been available in the USA since 2006. The product is called Repcillin and has been used to treat many skin conditions. Eczema in both adults and infants has shown a favorable response to Repcillin.

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 I got my order today from the post office. Thank you very much.
The Repcillin balm is wonderful. it has been working so good on my skin and has improve so much since I have been using the Repcillin balm. My Eczema is almost gone in most parts of my body. I use to have it on my legs and arms and it was starting to get it on my face too. Now I am just wondering how its going to work now that we are starting to put the heater on cause its getting cold over here in Massachusetts, and my skin tents to get dryer on the winter.
Anyhow, the product is just great and it is working for me so good !
I hope the quality of your product wont change with in the years. I think that's the secret of a successful business, keep the same quality.
I have recommended to my friends and relatives here in the United States, Italy and Bolivia. ( Helping you guys a little bit on the business. )
Congratulations and thank you very much.

Maria and Alcides Roman

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Repcillin is imported and distributed by African Cures USA, worldwide shipping is available.